Masonic Memorial Temple

2295 Saint Mark Street
Montreal, Quebec
H3H 2G9 - Canada

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The Mission of Freemasonry

Freemasonry defines itself as "a beautiful system of morality taught through the means of allegory and symbols." It is not a school and its teachings are not to be strictly or scientifically applied. Jean-Pierre Bayard has written that Freemasonry teaches men to become aware of the fact that they are exactly what they want to be; it allows one to achieve mastery of oneself. Freemasonry does not have a model rule, nor does it teach a lesson, rather, it awakens the mind.

The morale values which it conveys such as self knowledge, love of ones neighbour, respect of legally constituted authority, obedience to a Supreme Being, and so on, are not unique. What is exclusive to Freemasonry, is the method of communication, the initiation rite, which is an elaborate allegory of life that changes the initiate, a deep meditation, a perception, and an interior action which reveals himself to himself. This enables him to surpass his own limits, his own self.

The primary goal of Freemasonry is therefore the improvement of the individual and mankind. The Masonic initiation is done in impeccable decorum with great human dignity and with the greatest respect for the individual.