We welcome you to the web site of Corinthian Lodge no. 62 and convey to you the warm fraternal greetings of our Worshipful Master, Past Masters, Officers and brethren . Whether you are a Mason or not, feel free to browse our pages and learn more about our history and Freemasonry in general.

This website has been inaugurated on the 125th year anniversary of our lodge and is the result of hard work and perseverance of our own brethren.

If you're a freemason and happen to be in Montreal on one of our meeting dates, it would give us great pleasure to welcome you to our meetings and after proceedings. Please feel free to Contact us, you will be assured a warm and brotherly welcome.

To Be One Ask One...

Customarily, Freemasonry has not considered it proper to solicit for membership. Traditionally, a Mason would not invite a friend to join, but would wait for the friend to ask of his own free will. If you would like to request any information regarding our Lodge, get in touch with us or request an Application.

Who can become a Freemason

Any man who believes in God can become a freemason. Any man who believes that humans must act honourably in all things, that he must leave the world in a better state than that in which he found it.

Such a man must recognize that others have the rights to believe in their own convictions, and that is not the only more deserving but more pleasing to give than to receive.

Such a man believes that there are more important things in life than financial success, who considers it his duty to be an exemplary citizen of his country, believes that one must have compassion for others and that goodness of heart is one of the most important family values.

Most importantly, he must believe that all men on earth are obligated to live a life of fraternal friendship. Such a man deserves to become a Mason. In short, all men of good will can become freemasons

What is a Mason...

Been truly prepared, found worthy and well qualified, has been admitted to the fraternity of builders, been invested with certain passwords and signs by which he may be enabled to: work, receive wages and travel in foreign lands in search of that which was lost:

"The Word"... Down through the misty vistas of the ages rings a clarion declaration and although the very heavens echo to the reverberation, few hear and fewer understand: "In the beginning was the word and the word was with God." Here then is the eternal paradox. The Word is lost yet it is ever with us. The light that illumines the distant horizon shines in our hearts... The average Mason, as well as the modern student of Masonic ideals, little realizes the cosmic obligation he takes upon himself when he begins his search for the sacred truths of Nature as they are concealed in the ancient and modern rituals.

He must not lightly regard his vows, and if he would not bring upon himself years and ages of suffering he must cease to consider Freemasonry solely as a social order only a few centuries old. He must realize that the ancient mystic teachings as perpetuated in the modern rites are sacred, and that powers unseen and unrecognized mould the destiny of those who consciously and of their own free will take upon themselves the obligations of the Fraternity. The Mason must realize that his True initiation is a spiritual and not a physical ritual, and that his initiation into the living temple of the spiritual hierarchy regulating Freemasonry may not occur until years after he has taken the physical degree.

The true Mason realizes that the work is of an inclusive rather than an exclusive nature, and that the only lodge which is broad enough to express his ideals is one whose dome is the heavens, whose pillars are the corners of creation, whose checker floor is composed of the crossing currents of human emotion and hose altar is the human HEART.

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